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  Maplestory assistnant is a play way which game company strongly against.have a rick of account been blocked.We strongly advice that don't use the account which you usually play,just use a new account.     

Maplestory assistnant for free is Maple entertainment give the welfare to our players who use our app.Every custumer who have been autherised can go to sign in everyday in the sign in page to get the 24 hours last recharge card.This activity last for a long period.Players who want to use it more please contact our customer service.line mseagame2 skype to buy it.Taiwan dollar is 80TWD per month,USD 3USD per month,SGD 4SGD per month.

This product used for our mesos team for a long the function give to players is limit.For more functions,please positively give advice to our customer service.We will give some gift such as points for bet and the recharge card for the advicer.

The basic information can see the game caracter's coordinate of map. you can filter the goods in bag and the goods drop out on the ground.(pick up filter means don't pick up,sell filter means when back to city to  sell don't sell things you choose.)

our custumers add pick up filter and sell filter all effictive to all accounts.other windows will be effict when game restart.and you can do more detail operations in our manager such as goods filte and change.

Fast chanel change is the quicker way than the auto chanel change.when someone get your positon,you will quickly find it and change the prevent stranger see you.but we can't distinct if he or she is your friend.when other players come,we will get the character's name and then decide if need change chanel or not.this will be more risk.all drugs can be buy and choose.but when you find which drug haven't been choosen, you can edit in catalof file POTIONINFO.INI under file CONFIG .of cause,you must remember ID .if you don't remember the ID of goods,you can back to the first page to check the goods in bag and the goods on the ground which nearby you .
Our unbeatbale is timing unbeatble.that means if you are under attacked,this period will not be attacked.if you wanna stable unbeatbale,you can tick the no blood loss to get the function.but this will be more risk.

in set of skill,when you choose completely intelligent way(not attract monster)assist and attack skill, just assist works.cause attack should press CTRL.


the hight of jump and distance just effect when not attract revise dartlike weapon won't auto start.that means you can bring little drugs,but drugs use up quicker than use up dartlike weapons.when come back vallage will supply dartlike weapons.but remember to set up dartlike weapons into state of not that when  you can jump from one positon to other positon.if you already set up the positon where to auto level up,then after jump over you will be in the status of auto level up.

super function page change changes follow game version update. recently the function mainly is teleportation attacktion.other fuctions please consult the customer service.

after set up well all these,you can find a auto level up positon to level up,press F12 then it will works.remember to put skills under CTRL.Default best screen resolution is 800*600.Maplestory assistnant users should familiar with auto skill setting and the set up of the allocation of add talent has a blank and 4 options.blank written in the level you want to arrive,before arrive this level will auto add talents in system advice scheme. after that will add talents in single way that you add one talent.

our purducts has 3 kinds.1 is attack skill,2 is assistant,3 is talent skill.caracter level is when the caracter start to study's level.skill number is the number you can get in our product's skill least one.(if your caracter haven't reach the level,and don't know the higher level's skill's number,you can ask your friends)the skill level to study is the skill level finally you wanna get.skill must from low to high,from up to down.the skill to study can't repeat.such as when your caracer reach to level 20 study skill A,level is 20,so you need to consume 3 talents every level from  20,21,22,23,24,25,26 each 7 levels.the last skill consume 2 talents.when left 1 tanlent we temporary can't use.then the next skill's level please study when your caracer reached level 27. 

cause attack skill and assistant skill all need to release,so we considerd that you wanna study and use itso you can tick .when attract monster and full screen attack we just can use the skill of attack.then after study and tick attack will replace the before one.assistant skill if ticked,just study it for use assistant skill,but don't replace it.talent skill don't tick anything.

when attract monster and full screen attack we just can use the skill of attack.then after study and tick attack will replace the before one.assistant skill if ticked,just study it for use assistant skill,but don't replace it.talent skill don't tick anything.when start to auto level up,config file has a corresponding file.which record all set up such as auto add talents and auto add skills,if all auto level up assissant want to use this set up,can ckick to save for default.and other auto level up windows also set up like this.

Maplestory assistnant auto change map instruction:(now just can change map in one server.sutable for all auto level up customers.) 1, Maplestory assistnant's all account configurations imformation(not include account,password,chanel,characer location)will be record in a file named .ini,if your account aabbcc in server 5 the 3rd character,so the account will be record in a file named aabbcc5_3.ini.this file can be read be other auto level up windows,and then it will be the same as aabbcc

2,if we already have 5 accounts levels ares  10  20 30 40 50,so we change A.ini's name into 10.ini and it is under file Config and file lv.and so on B.ini changed to 20.ini。。。。。。that means when caracter auto level up from 9-10,the auto level up read the file of level 10 is the same as a.ini's file.all set up is the same with account A.

3,attention:auto change map is not just change map,we also contant the function of auto add talets and auto add skills and replace you have to check the file carefully. such as 40.ini file contants 20-40 level's skill already studied,just allow to have the skill not reach level 40.if not ,the set up will be influenced.

4,please do the auto set up satisfy your needs.set up for many place to auto level up is also ok.

Maplestory assistnant add map/NPC(Mapinfo.ini) is in Config file.sepert to two file.up is catalog of NPC,down is the place connect map to map.remember all comma is english,chinese comma is not right.

NPC catalog is begin with [ZoneCount]Count=40

this means all have 40 NPC,from0-39, the form has to be [Zone4],but after 40 we have to change the form into [Zone41]


 ID is the number of where NPC is in.when your auto level up has written the number of place to level up.little room's number has to been NpcId=18238,this is not use any more,but have to put the code in.NpcPos=4419,501

this is coordinate.find a place near NPC most,and written the coordinate in it.

map catalog begin's with [MapCount]Count=3902

that means 3902 maps begin 0 to 3901.

Add maps remember to change this number of MapDataStart,each map and its serial numberthe of the map to the surrounding map link points [Map7].Plz change count of map catalog when you add maps. COUNT=ID=1000000. ID is the map number.From the first page of the plug-in operation interface,you can see the current map number MapName= maple leaf village.

Count=4 is total numbers. this means you can use the up arrow to reach other maps.when you can't find the map to arrive at,then you can know you have no right count number or you have no that map in your plug-in. 

connect0=50000,-66,2720 means serial number.= Target map number,followed by coordinates of transmission points, note that they are separated by commas.connect1=1010000,2197,270connect2=1000001,658,

-59connect3=1000003,1279,151,that has to be accurate. When you find that the map cannot be transmitted,you can try to modify or add count number inside,or Maple game has a new map and this product does't support, you can add maps and account numbers to achieve the perfection of the product.A supplementary explanation of the problem of automatic learning skills. 1,All scripted skills learning can be all skills of the profession,and the plugin automatically deletes the list of learned skills. 2,Levels can be learned as long as they are learnable,so there is no need to calculate exactly which level the skill starts at,so that the only thing you need to pay attention to is hang-up maps and attack skills.All of kenai's skills are as follows:


Knight all skills are as follows: